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Ted Kwan, CFA


Ted specializes in investment, asset valuation and economics. He is one the most experienced CFA trainers in Hong Kong and has over 15 years of experiences in teaching CFA courses and more than 10 years of experiences in investment research. Ted conducted research on property market as well as financial analysis on investment projects in Hong Kong. He was once acted as consultant to MTRC, Hong Kong Airport Authority and as an in-house trainer for Langham Hotel Group.


Ted is highly applaud for his clarity in explaining difficult concepts and has taught over 1,000 CFA candidates. He was the lecturer in Kaplan Financial and taught Master of Finance program in the Open University of Hong Kong. He is also a columnist writer for Eduplus magazine (Singtao Newspaper Group).

Apart from teaching, Ted is the Chairman of Fullness Christian Social Enterprise Ltd., aiming to provide vocational training for youth-at-risk in Hong Kong, which received the Outstanding SE Award 2011 from the Hong Kong Government. He also published a book of first kind in Hong Kong on "Social Impact Measurement".


He also served in the Continuing Education Committee of Hong Kong Society of Financial Analysts and received the Decennary Service Award in 2011.


Ted received his first degree in Hong Kong and subsequently a Master Degree in National University of Singapore. He is a CFA charterholder since 2001.

Ted lives a fruitful life through devoting his teaching talent to students, building a strong family and serving the poor and needy. He likes reading books and travelling in the beauty of nature.

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